Sunday, December 11, 2011

Never Too Young to Learn

The fact that this book is out there is interesting. That it is for real, and sold out in some places is proof that parents want to give children every academic advantage possible and help them excel in the modern world.

According to the write up, it's a storybook adventure of two friends who discover the wonders of calculus. It's also a bedtime storybook for the under 2 set. Where was this when I was a kid? My math whiz father trying to pound theorems into my teenage brain was not a pretty sight.

We are not endorsing this book, just putting it out there for you to see.  But its very existence proves that for some parents it is never too early. Our web site and blog will hopefully show it's never too late.

Education has taken a dip in this country but like the economy, will rebound. Our question is, what are you doing as parents and educators to motivate your children? Send us your thoughts and let us share them with others that need ideas.

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